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cemented/tungsten carbide rods/Dual Straight Hole Rods

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Tungsten carbide rod with dual straight holes is tungsten carbide round rod, which has two radial holes, which are located at the center of one line within rod. These rods are mainly used for manufacturing mills, drills, drill bits and other tools, but we also use them for processing cold heading die, stamping die, cold punching ball, warheads, watch parts for stamping, punching battery shell, toothpaste tubes and other molds. But we cannot omit the fact that tungsten carbide rod with dual straight holes if used for making knife or parts of mold, they are clamped in circular shaft, which is not conducive to the cutter and mold clamping. Renqiu Hengrui
 can provide quality Tungsten Carbide  Dual Straight Hole Rods, the following is our common size models.

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