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Carbide Road Buttons Tungsten Carbide Cutting Nozzle

Product Introductions
Tungsten carbide cutting nozzle is a way of using high-pressure water cutting, it has block cutting speed, high cutting precision, long uninterrupted cutting, long life, predictability of a series of excellent performance. Widely used in metal, ceramics, stone, glass and cutting other materials. Tungsten carbide cutting nozzle working principle is to change the cross-section through the nozzle of the fan within the fan-shaped nozzle hole by shrinkage of the high-pressure section of the pressure of the water can be gathered together and converted into kinetic energy, and finally discharged to the outside in the form of a high pressure water jet material for cutting.

Our Tungsten Carbide Nozzle mainly used in below areas:


1.Application in metallic material cutting
To cut the metallic materials that used for architectural decoration, such as stainless steel;To make and cut the crust of machine equipments;To cut all kinds of metallic spare parts


2.Application in glass cutting
To cut glass for household electrical appliances,barthroom and architectural decoration, craftwork and automobile.


3.Application in processing tiles, stones and other building materials
To cut tiles,stones;An make very complicated jigsaw and mural;Can art creation of any shapes.


4.Application in composites, bulletproof material, soft material ,pharmaceutical and others With robot arm to cut automotive interior components;To cut foam, sponge, paper, rubber, pharmaceutical,nylon, carpet, etc.

Product Applications

ISO CNC water jet cutting machine tungsten carbide nozzle

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