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Tungsten Carbide Application areas

Tungsten Carbide is widely used in drills and cutters that are used in mining or stone cutting applications. Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seals is also seen in the miniature balls that are used in ball point pens. In addition, it is also widely used for manufacturing dies for die-cutting operations as it can easily cut through several different materials such as metal, plastics, and even wood.
There are a myriad of applications that are seen with this metal. For instance, it is used in the manufacture of various components, and it is also used as a preferred coating material for components that are subjected to heavy wear and tear. This metal is available in various grain sizes.
Another increasingly popular use of this metal is in the manufacture of jewelry. Wedding rings are made using this metal because it retains its shine for several years, and doesn't get scratched or damaged easily. All of these factors have led to an increased global demand for this particular material. A number of cutting tools used in the industrial and medical sector are also coated or tipped with tungsten carbide mechanical seal ring. Since this metal can withstand high pressure and high temperatures, it is also used in the manufacture of valve trim components. A valve trim comprises various internal elements and instruments of a valve that play a direct role in flow control.
Tungsten carbide is the hardest pure metal, and it is also resistant to high temperatures and pressure. In addition, it also demonstrates other interesting attributes such as it doesn't need any extra protection against oxidation.
Tungsten Carbide Die, also referred to as carbide, is a widely-used metal in the industrial sector. Each metal demonstrates certain unique qualities, and carbide is no exception. This metal is known for its extreme harness and ability to withstand wear and tear over long periods of time. Hence, it is used in several industrial components such as wear parts, drill bit inserts, cutting and slicing tools, industrial saws and knives, and even weapons.
This metal has a high tensile strength and excellent resistance to scratching and chipping. In fact, this metal can be polished or engraved with only a few other metals available on our planet. This is an indication of the hardness of this metal. Various processes such as sintering and performing are required in order to achieve the desired hardness and texture of this metal.
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