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carbide tool wear improve processing quality

In this paper, the combination of actual work, the proposed measures carbide cutting edge wear analysis mechanism to avoid wear and tear, will help improve efficiency in the use of tools, to improve processing quality, improve cutting efficiency.
Many factors influence the service life and quality of cemented carbide tools, where wear is the most lethal.
1, Cemented Carbide Strips materials
Tool materials are the fundamental factors in determining cutting performance, process efficiency, quality, cost, and tool life has a great influence.
Hard tool materials, better wear resistance, high hardness, toughness, the lower the material more brittle. Hardness and toughness is a contradiction, it is also a key tool material that should be overcome. For graphite tool, in the selection of proper selection of relatively good toughness, which is slightly higher cobalt content; for diamond-like carbon coated graphite tools, can be selected in the selection of appropriate hardness is relatively good, which is slightly low cobalt content.
2, geometric angle of cemented carbide tools
Graphite tool select the appropriate geometry, can help reduce the vibration of the tool, in turn, the graphite workpiece should not be prone to chipping.
3, Custom Cemented Carbide Plate coated
Diamond coating tool of hardness high, and wear sex good, and friction coefficient low advantages, at this stage diamond coating is graphite processing tool of best select, also most can reflected graphite tool superior of using performance; diamond coating of carbide tool of advantages is integrated has natural diamond of hardness and carbide of strength and the fracture toughness; but in domestic diamond coating technology also in started stage, also has cost of input are is is big of, so diamond coating in recently not has too big development, But we can in an ordinary tool based on the angle of optimization tools, materials, and improve the structure of conventional coatings, can to some extent be in graphite machining applications.
Diamond coating tool and General coating tool of geometry angle has nature of difference, so in design diamond coating tool , due to graphite processing of particularity, its geometry angle can appropriate zoom, capacity cut slot also variable big, also not reduced its tool front mouth of wear sex; for General of  coating, although than no coating of tool its wear has explicit with of improve, but then up diamond coating for, in processing graphite it of geometry angle should appropriate put small, to increased its wear sex.
On diamond coating for, currently world many of coating company are input large of human and material to research development related coating technology, abroad mature and economic of coating company just limited to European; para as a paragraph excellent of graphite processing tool, also used currently world most advanced of coating technology on tool for surface processing, to ensure processing life of while, guarantee tool of economic practical.
4, carbide cutting edge enhancement
Passivation technology of cutting edge is a little attention, and is a very important issue. Diamond grinding wheel blade grinding of cemented carbide cutting edge, there are different levels of micro-gap (that is, micro-chipping and bite). High speed cutting tool performance and stability of graphite put forward higher requirements, particularly of diamond coated cutting tool coating that must elapse before a knife-edge passivation treatment in order to ensure the strength and service life of the coating. Purpose tool passivation is address the sharpening of cutting edge micro-gaps of defects, their fronts to reduce or eliminate, to smooth flat, sharp and sturdy and durable objective.
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