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was established in 2006, mainly engaged in cemented carbide blank,cemented carbide machining, such as finishing aspects of the business. Focus on sustainable development, adhering to the technology driven production, production to ensure the service,servce to expanding market, giving priority to meet customer demand is the only Tenet of  Hengrui . With excellent production capacity and supervision and inspection capabilities, in strict accordance with the quality management of the country's quality standards for production, has passed the ISO9001 certification, ISO2000 certification, China credit enterprise system certification. Has a full set of cemented carbide production and mechanical processing equipment, as well as a series of high-precision testing equipment, as well as experienced and skilled personnel of high quality staff. Main products include tungsten carbide rods,cemented carbide plates&strips,Sleeve,Drawing dies Mould,Cold heating dies,Rollers,Nozzles,Pegs,Carbide ball mill jar,Cnc tools,Drills & tips,Cutting blade&sard,Drilling&milling tools,Milling tools,Nonstandard parts
 products widely used in mining, oil extraction, and electronics, carpentry, chemical industry and other industries; markets throughout China, the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and other multiple countries.